Four Charged with Marijuana Possession After Mahwah Police Seize 13 Pounds of Pot at Residence

Mahwah New Jersey police recently arrested four men on drug distribution charges.

According to police, the suspects were in possession 13 pounds of pot and roughly $22,000 in cash at a residence in Mahwah, NJ.

Mahwah detectives were on a special detail when they observed a black Chevrolet Tahoe driving on Lydia Lane. According to the detectives, the SUV swerved into the opposite lane of traffic and nearly caused a collision.

The detectives stopped the vehicle and had a conversation with the 26-year-old driver. Although the driver hails from New York, he provided police with a California driver’s license. The driver also told the detectives that he recently moved to Mahwah and was staying at a nearby rental property.

During the conversation, the detectives became suspicious. The detectives then went to the suspect’s rental house and spoke with three people through a window at the property.

At some point during the talk, the detectives allegedly smelled marijuana coming from the premises.

When the detectives asked for permission to enter the house, the occupants refused. The detectives then allegedly saw the occupants attempting to destroy evidence. The detectives forced their way inside and secured the premises while awaiting a search warrant.

Sometime later, police obtained a warrant and searched the home. During the search, police reportedly discovered 13 pounds of marijuana and approximately $22,000 in cash.

The four suspects arrested and charged with a number of drug crimes, including possession of marijuana

The four suspects were later taken to the Bergen County Jail, where they were each being held in lieu of $100,000 bail amounts.

For more information about this case, see the article entitled “Police Seize 13 Pounds of Marijuana at Mahwah Home, Chief Says.”


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