We Defend Clients who Find Themselves Arrested for Criminal Offenses at Teterboro Airport Nestled in scenic Teterboro, New Jersey is the highly esteemed Teterboro Airport, more commonly referred to as TEB. Positioned conveniently 12 miles (19 kilometers) northwest of Midtown Manhattan in New York City with direct access to major highways, this general aviation airport […]

Luring Either an Adult or a Minor is Regarded as a Severe Criminal Offense With A Number Of Life-Altering Repercussions in New Jersey A perpetrator can entice or lure a minor (or an adult) into an isolated area with the sole purpose of committing an illegal or criminal act against that victim. Many people do […]

When you have been charged with a DUI in New Jersey, a skilled DWI attorney can defend you by applying the facts of your case to possible defenses used to obtain dismissal. These defenses are often used by experienced lawyers and some of them involve common pitfalls that the prosecution may attempt to maneuver around. […]

DUI Charges Can Affect Child Custody-Related Issues, Especially If You are Involved in a Custody Battle in New Jersey When spouses separate, the most immediate issue to resolve is child custody. Determining where the children live is a priority for parents and family courts in New Jersey. State child custody laws help judges determine whether […]


If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, disorderly persons offense, or traffic / DWI violation, you have the right to an attorney who will defend you against your charges and fight for your best interests. To learn more about how your attorney can fight to have your charges dismissed or reduced, click a link below to see our video library of legal defenses and strategies.