A Must-Read if You Are Planning to Get Your Gun Permit in New Jersey The state of New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. For this reason, it is imperative that residents and visitors of the state understand the laws regarding gun permits, how to get a permit, how to […]

Defense Lawyers for Clients Stopped on the GWB in Fort Lee, New Jersey and Charged with a Weapon Constructed in October of 1927 under the authority of the then chief engineer of the Port Authority, Athmar Amman, the George Washington Bridge spans from New Jersey’s Palisades to Manhattans shores and links New York and New Jersey. […]

All You Need to Know Regarding Punishment for Handgun Offenses in New Jersey New Jersey carries a catalog of gun laws on the books, regulating the purchase, use, carrying, transportation, and possession of firearms. When individuals violate the extensive laws regarding firearms, they can expect some of the most rigid penalties in the 50 states, […]

What are the Basic Rights that a Domestic Violence Victim has under New Jersey Law? Domestic violence is a problem that affects thousands of people in New Jersey every year. Many incidents of domestic violence can result in significant physical injuries or, in the worst cases, death. Also tragic is the fact that victims of […]


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