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A drug conviction in New Jersey can result in serious consequences, some of which may include hefty fines, lengthy jail time, a period of probation, and the suspension of your driving privileges. Moreover, you may have a permanent criminal record, which can inhibit your ability to obtain and maintain employment in the future. Considering these repercussions, the best first step when you or someone you love has been charged with a drug-related offense in New Jersey is to find an experience criminal defense attorney.

The talented criminal defense team at The Tormey Law Firm, located in Hackensack, New Jersey, have dedicated years to the practice of criminal and drunk-driving (DWI) defense in New Jersey, challenging case after case as they defend the rights of the accused. With offices located in the heart of Bergen County’s justice complex, just steps from the Hackensack Municipal Court and Bergen County Superior Court, our attorneys appear in these courts, as well as others such as North Arlington, Oradell, and Park Ridge on a regular basis, as we defend clients charged with a myriad of offenses, including marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, and prescription drug distribution. Our primary focus on criminal defense allows us to remain at the forefront of current case law, which we leverage to achieve the best possible results for our clients. For a free consultation about your case with one of our attorneys, contact the Hackensack offices of The Tormey Law Firm today at (201)-330-4979. You are just one phone call away from finding the answers to your questions. Also, view our Conditional Discharge Informational Video below for a comprehensive overview of the Conditional Discharge Program in New Jersey.


The Conditional Discharge Program in New Jersey: An Overview


The Conditional Discharge Program in New Jersey: N.J.S.A. 2C:36A-1

§ 2C:36A-1. Conditional discharge for certain first offenses; expunging of records

a. Whenever any person who has not previously been convicted of any offense under section 20 of P.L.1970, c.226 (C.24:21-20), or a disorderly persons or petty disorderly persons offense defined in chapter 35 or 36 of this title or, subsequent to the effective date of this title, under any law of the United States, this State or any other state relating to marijuana, or stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogenic drugs, is charged with or convicted of any disorderly persons offense or petty disorderly persons offense under chapter 35 or 36 of this title, the court upon notice to the prosecutor and subject to subsection c. of this section, may on motion of the defendant or the court:

(1) Suspend further proceedings and with the consent of the person after reference to the State Bureau of Identification criminal history record information files, place him under supervisory treatment upon such reasonable terms and conditions as it may require.

The Conditional Discharge Program: Eligibility and Program Requirements

Conditional discharge is a diversionary program in New Jersey Municipal Courts that is similar to Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI). Unlike Pre-Trial Intervention, which is conducted on the county level and is associated with more severe criminal charges, conditional discharge is limited to minor drug offenses, which are disposed of at the Municipal level. The most typical violations of the conditional discharge program are new arrests or failed drug tests. If you apply for and are accepted into the conditional discharge program, you will be placed on probation. If you successfully complete the program, the charges will be dismissed at the end of the probationary period. However, if you fail to complete the probationary period for any reason, the court may renew its prosecution of the original charges.

In order to be eligible for a conditional discharge, you must meet the following criteria:

  • The drug offense you are charged with makes you eligible for a conditional discharge (the most common are possession of marijuana under 50 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia).
  • You have never been convicted of a drug offense in this state or any other.
  • You have not previously had a conditional discharge or pre-trial intervention (PTI).


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You may only use the conditional discharge program or PTI once in your life, so it is important to use this program as a last resort if no other defenses are available. We will provide you with an honest assessment of your case and discuss all of the avenues that may be available to you. To consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer about your drug charges, contact the Hackensack offices of The Tormey Law Firm anytime at (201)-330-4979, or fill out our online contact form.


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