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The Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) in New Jersey

The New Jersey Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) provides certain offenders who are sentenced to state prison an opportunity to work their way back into the community under intensive supervision before they are eligible for parole. The Intensive Supervision Program is, as the name implies, “intense.” Success is not assured and therefore, the program may not be suited for every person facing a prison term. Not everyone is eligible for ISP. Those that are ineligible include the following:

If you have been convicted of another offense, then you may be eligible for the ISP program in New Jersey. The ISP program requires the offender to present a plan that will give full assurance to a Screening Board and a Resentencing Panel of Judges that his or her return into the community will not jeopardize the public’s safety and will result in a positive social adjustment. In addition, the participant must continue to demonstrate to staff and the Resentencing Panel that he or she should be allowed to continue to participate in the program.

The Screening Board consists of a three-member panel that is responsible for screening applicants and recommending or denying placement into ISP. The Screening Board will review your pre-sentence report and recommend you into ISP. The Panel of Judges will then consider your application. If the Panel of Judges denies your application because you were not considered a viable candidate, then you will receive a rejection letter. Otherwise, an officer will contact you to schedule an interview. The officer typically inquires about the defendant’s plans for living, treatment, and employment if they are released from prison. The defendant is immediately released from prison when the application process concludes and the defendant has been accepted into ISP.

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