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Travis J. Tormey is an experienced criminal defense and drunk driving (DWI) attorney who has years of experience representing clients charged with criminal offenses, including aggravated assault, marijuana possession, and disorderly conduct. In fact, he has successfully handled thousands of these kinds of criminal cases in Superior Courts and Municipal Courts throughout Bergen County, NJ.

Here are some testimonials and client reviews provided by Mr. Tormey’s satisfied clients:

  • “I was looking at a Superior Court offense with jail time. Mr. Tormey got my case knocked down to a Municipal Court offense with a small fine. He basically saved my rear end. He’s professional, sincere, knowledgeable, courteous, and easy to speak with. I highly recommend his services.”
  • “Travis Tormey represented me on a drug charge and a no-insurance ticket, I was facing a year-and-a-half license suspension and a criminal record and Travis helped me avoid a criminal record and keep my license. He’s a great lawyer and a true professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks again, Travis!”
  • “Travis Tormey talks the talk and he definitely walks the walk. I was facing very serious harassment charges in New Jersey, and Travis used deft negotiation skills and impressive legal expertise to convince the DA to drop all criminal charges against me. My criminal record is clean thanks to Travis Tormey.”
  • “Not being from NJ, I would have had NO idea how to handle this case. Travis or staff always returned my call within the day. Case was downgraded due to his work and knowledge of the law. Very bright and articulate. His explanations helped ease my worries. A true professional!!”
  • “Travis has many connections. I had a problem with being at a party and having a cop grab me for possession of marijuana. Travis used his connections to talk to the prosecutor in another county in which I was arrested. He was able to get the charges dropped to a small fine instead of possession.”
  • “Mr. Tormey represented me in an assault case. Not only was I found innocent, the other party was found guilty of the assault. Travis asked for and got a no-contact order on the individual. He was quite professional and had very good courtroom presence. I recommend him highly.”
  • “Travis Tormey is the only lawyer I seek out to handle my legal affairs. Over the last four years, I have used Mr. Tormey’s services on numerous occasions to my great benefit. He promptly returns my messages and takes the time to explain the legal jargon and how we should proceed at every step of each of my cases. Mr. Tormey is always ready and well prepared to represent me in Municipal Court. He has made going through legal proceedings much more straightforward and clear in my expectations. Due to my driving habits, I know I will continue to use Mr. Tormey in the future.”
  • “Travis walked me through the case, answered every question I had in a timely manner and gave me a good idea of what to expect prior to going to court. I would highly recommend him.”
  • “I would highly recommend Travis Tormey for any DWI violation. Travis successfully, tactfully and strategically reduced my five-ticket violation two tickets while simultaneously reducing the seven-month suspension down to three months based upon his knowledge and case law.”
  • “I have received legal advice from Mr. Tormey for myself and my family on numerous occasions. He has always given me sound legal advice and has been available whenever needed. I consider myself very fortunate to have a legal team with Mr. Tormey’s knowledge, skills and experience in my corner.”
  • “Travis Tormey is a superb attorney. He is skilled and knowledgeable. He handled my case with respect, kindness and quiet assurance. I would trust him with all future legal needs. He has many contacts in the legal profession and government to enable him to maneuver in the legal system and to defend his clients with success. He is a master at the art of negotiation, always in favor of his clients. I would highly recommend Travis Tormey for any of your legal needs. He will help you with kindness, understanding and superb skill.”
  • “I’ve known Travis Tormey as a fellow attorney for several years. His zealous representation of the accused is top-notch. When I am conflicted out of a case, Mr. Tormey is one of the first lawyers to whom I refer clients.”
  • “Travis is an excellent attorney. He has represented people in my family on numerous occasions. I would recommend him to anyone because I know he can be trusted to seek the best possible outcome for his clients.”
  • “I would like to extend my personal gratitude for the expertise and commitment you have executed while representing me in municipal court. Upon being charged with DUI and reckless driving, I quickly realized what a dire situation I had put myself, my career, and any hopeful future endeavors in. Distraught and hopeless, I searched the Internet an entire day and contacted your office. After meeting with attorney Tormey, I was optimistic that I might possibly not have to wear the badge of a DUI due to the possibility of procedural disobedience by the law enforcement agency. As a retired military officer, I understood that minor indiscretions can have adverse effects on even the most convincing arguments. Attorney Tormey insisted upon and persevered through six months of adjournments, awaiting the state to provide and prove their case. On 4 January 2012, through his expertise both tactically and technically, Attorney Tormey pled out my case to a mitigated reckless driving charge. Without any inhibitions, I strongly recommend this Law Office and Travis Tormey.”
  • “Thank you, Alissa, for all your help and time. It is a pleasure to know that there are honest, talented, and hardworking lawyers like you. You not only honor your profession with a strong sense of ethical duty and responsibility, but you practice in a way that elevates it to a higher calling in service to the cause of justice. May God bless you with good health, love and further success in your career. Thank you.”
  • “Travis is a real professional. I got in a situation with a loitering with intent charge. He answered all my questions and answered all my calls when I called him. Was on time for court and knew how to get the charges dismissed. Exactly what I wanted!”
  • “Mr. Tormey is a consummate professional. Our case was sensitive and complicated and unusually lengthy for a juvenile case. For eight months, Mr. Tormey faithfully worked our case and never failed to show for court once. Punctual, disciplined, knowledgeable, patient and responsive – there aren’t enough words of admiration and gratitude I can apply to him. My son’s case was resolved in our favor and we owe it to Mr. Tormey’s unwavering professionalism. I choose him based on previous reviews and I am so pleased I did as the excellent reviews are absolutely warranted. He made an unbearable situation so much more bearable with his calm demeanor. I highly recommend Travis to anyone needing a juvenile defense attorney. He knows the law and he knows how to navigate the judicial jungle. Without a doubt, one of the best attorneys out there. Thank you, Travis, for giving my son his life back. I will forever be gratefully indebted.”
  • “I endorse Atty. Travis Tormey as an excellent, knowledgeable, resourceful lawyer. He knows exactly how to fight about your case and get the best result! And I really admire and respect this lawyer for what he did for me because his service and duty is not only for the money but for your rights.”
  • “Travis Tormey is an outstanding attorney. He helped me tremendously, moreso than I ever could have imagined. He handled all aspects of my case with compassion, respect, and immense competence. He is a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer who truly fights for his client’s best interest. I highly recommend Travis to anyone looking for a fantastic lawyer.”

For additional information or a free consultation, contact Travis Tormey at his Hackensack office. You can reach him day or night at (201)-330-4979, or use the online contact form to schedule a free, in-person consultation.


If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, disorderly persons offense, or traffic / DWI violation, you have the right to an attorney who will defend you against your charges and fight for your best interests. To learn more about how your attorney can fight to have your charges dismissed or reduced, click a link below to see our video library of legal defenses and strategies.