Defense Lawyers for Clients Stopped on the GWB in Fort Lee, New Jersey and Charged with a Weapon Constructed in October of 1927 under the authority of the then chief engineer of the Port Authority, Athmar Amman, the George Washington Bridge spans from New Jersey’s Palisades to Manhattans shores and links New York and New Jersey. […]

Getting a Graves Act Waiver to Avoid Mandatory Prison Time for a Firearms Offense in NJ In New Jersey, the Graves Act requires a Judge to sentence anyone caught with a firearm to a term in state prison. The only way around going to state prison or avoiding a parole disqualifier is for a Graves […]

PA Man Accused of Selling Assault Rifles in Bergen County, NJ A Pennsylvania man faces criminal weapons charges for allegedly selling assault rifles in Bergen County, NJ. The suspect is Andrew Okie, a 24-year-old electronics technician who lives in Tobyhanna, PA. According to authorities, Okie illegally distributed firearms in Bergen County, New Jersey. Several law […]

Paterson New Jersey police recently arrested an Elmwood Park NJ man accused of tossing a handgun while being chased by the cops. The suspect, a 20-year-old Elmwood Park resident, was allegedly observed by two Paterson patrol cops as he committed a moving violation: he reportedly failed to use his turn signal when he turned onto […]


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