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“A client hired us to represent them on a shoplifting case in Paramus NJ. Based on multiple evidential issues with the store representatives and identifying the defendant, we were able to have the charges completely dismissed in the Paramus Court.

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Paramus shoplifting charges

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Travis J. Tormey represented a client charged with shoplifting, in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:20-11. The value of the merchandise was less than $200.00, which meant that the shoplifting charge was graded as a disorderly persons offense and handled in the Paramus Municipal Court. If the value of the goods had been more than $200.00, this would have been an indictable shoplifting offense, to be handled at the Bergen County Superior Court in Hackensack, New Jersey. The maximum sentence permitted for a disorderly persons offense in New Jersey is six (6) months in the county jail. Additionally, there is mandatory community service requirement of 10 days for a first-time shoplifting conviction in New Jersey. Subsequent offenders face enhanced penalties for both jail time and community service.

In this case, the shoplifting charges against the defendant were dismissed for two reasons. First, the State failed to provide discovery on the several conference dates prior to the trial listing. Despite defense counsel’s continued request for discovery and a motion which was filed previously to provide same, the store (Kohl’s) failed to produce either the report associated with the incident or the videotape footage associated with the incident until the day of trial. Nonetheless, the judge may have granted the State an adjournment and listed the case again for trial.

However, the store employee who appeared for trial as the State’s primary and sole witness was not employed at the store at the time of the alleged theft and was not familiar with the two (2) employees who were present during the alleged theft. Moreover, the store employee could not testify to the validity or authenticity of the videotape footage because he was not working at the store at the time. Because the State was unable to prove the shoplifting charge against the defendant, the charges were dismissed. This result was a great victory for both the defendant and the Tormey Law Firm.

Arrested, Charged Shoplifting in Paramus – Lawyer Needed

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