Two Domestic Violence Restraining Orders Dismissed in One Day in Bergen County with the help of the Tormey Law Firm

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Hackensack NJ Domestic Violence Attorneys
Hackensack NJ Domestic Violence Attorneys

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Our Hackensack NJ domestic violence lawyers appeared last week in the Bergen County Superior Court, Family Division to resolve two temporary restraining order (TRO) cases. The first case resolved in the morning with a civil restraints agreement. This is a consent order between the parties where the defendant agrees not to contact the plaintiff or to only contact them in a certain way which is enumerated in the agreement (such as email or text if the parties have children in common and must communicate). It also can deal with any other collateral issues such as custody, property disputes, etc. The civil restraints agreement is placed on the record in court and the temporary restraining order (TRO) is dismissed. The civil restraints agreement is good for both parties because the defendant avoids a final restraining order, which includes fingerprints and never expires. It is also good for the plaintiff because then there is something on the record so that, if something happens in the future, they can point to the agreement and show the judge that the defendant clearly can’t stay away from them and that they need a final restraining order.

Once the plaintiff agrees to dismiss a restraining order, he or she must speak to a domestic violence counselor to have the cycle of domestic violence explained to them. The counselor will also confirm that the plaintiff is voluntarily dismissing the protection of the restraining order and that no one is forcing or threatening them to do so. Only then will the judge agree to place the dismissal on the record in court.

The second restraining order matter that day looked like it was going to proceed to trial but our Bergen County restraining order lawyer was able to negotiate a civil restraints agreement to resolve that case as well. Both clients were extremely satisfied with the outcome and the services of the Tormey Law Firm.

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