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Prescription Drug Possession Mendham NJOur lawyers recently represented a client who was charged with illegal possession of prescription drugs as well as underage possession of alcohol. Our client had no prior criminal record and was a college student at New York University (NYU). He was also interning on Wall Street with a bright future ahead of him. It was imperative that we keep his record clean in order to preserve this bright future. Our client was facing a felony on his record for the illegal prescription drug possession. He was also facing a charge for possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) in a motor vehicle which carries a mandatory two (2) year license suspension if convicted.

Our client was stopped in his parents motor vehicle with his cousin in the passenger seat. There was liquor in the trunk, which belonged to his parents who recently had a large get together at their home in Mendham. The officers searched the vehicle and found nine (9) Adderall pills. Apparently, Adderall is used by many college students to focus and stay up late to study for exams. Both our client and the passenger were charged with felony possession of Adderall and for underage possession of the alcohol in the trunk of the vehicle.

Based on our client’s background and the circumstances of the case, our lawyer was able to convince the assistant Morris County Prosecutor to remand the case back to Mendham Municipal Court as a misdemeanor. Then, Mr. Tormey appeared in the Mendham Municipal Court, where he negotiated a plea agreement with the Municipal Prosecutor, ultimately resulting in a fine, no criminal record, and no license suspension for our client. This was a tremendous result for the client and our law firm.

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