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A recent client hired The Tormey Law Firm after he was pulled over for a traffic violation and subsequently found to be in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. These charges are punishable by up to 6 months in county jail if convicted, as well as fines up to $1,000 for each offense.

In addition to the onerous jail time and monetary fines, our client faced substantial additional penalties if he were convicted of either charge, due to the fact that he had open pending cases in other counties and towns in New Jersey. Any new conviction could have very serious consequences with his other cases, possibly resulting in prison time or probation.

After our client brought The Tormey Law Firm into the case, attorney Christopher Perry appeared with him in court, where Mr. Perry was able to successfully argue that the charges should be downgraded from disorderly persons offenses to a single violation of a town ordinance. This downgrade allowed our client to avoid having a disorderly persons conviction on his record, which would have affected his other pending cases in other courts.

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Through the Law Firm’s hard work, our client was able to avoid any conviction for any criminal or disorderly person’s offense, leaving court with only a small fine. The outcome in this case was a tremendous victory for our client and for The Tormey Law Firm. If you or anyone you know faces any criminal charges in New Jersey, you may be looking at serious loss of liberty or fines and other penalties. It is absolutely crucial that you obtain a criminal defense attorney with a proven track record of obtaining great results for their clients. Call The Tormey Law Firm right away for a free consultation at (201)-330-4979.


If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, disorderly persons offense, or traffic / DWI violation, you have the right to an attorney who will defend you against your charges and fight for your best interests. To learn more about how your attorney can fight to have your charges dismissed or reduced, click a link below to see our video library of legal defenses and strategies.