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Glen Rock Criminal & DWI ChargesIf you have been charged with a criminal offense or traffic violation in Glen Rock, New Jersey, it is highly important to find an attorney who can help you overcome these charges and move forward with your life. At the Tormey Law Firm, our skilled criminal defense lawyers work tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcomes for clients in arrested in the Borough of Glen Rock and throughout Bergen County, NJ. Our attorneys have handled countless criminal cases in New Jersey, developing a unique repertoire of defense strategies to beat charges including simple assault, criminal mischief, DWI/DUIpossession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS), shoplifting, and harassment. Our centrally-located Bergen County office provides us with immediate access to courts in Glen Rock and surrounding communities, where we defend clients day-in and day-out. We are pleased to provide free initial consultations and are always available to answer your inquiries. Contact our offices anytime at (201)-330-4979 for a free consultation with a distinguished Glen Rock criminal defense attorney who can answer all of your questions. You can also send us an email to arrange a free consult with a lawyer.

Glen Rock Municipal Court Information

Glen Rock is a borough in Bergen County, NJ. The borough has a population of 11,600 people and a total area of 2.7 square miles. If you have a municipal court case in Glen Rock, there are certain things you need to know. The Glen Rock Municipal Court has the authority to hear and decide disorderly persons criminal matters and traffic matters that occur in the borough. If you have to appear in court in Glen Rock, you are not entitled to a trial by jury. Instead, your case is heard by the presiding municipal court judge, the Honorable Warren F. Clark. If convicted of a disorderly persons offense, you will be left with a criminal record. Criminal and traffic offenses can result in a host of other potential penalties as well if you are found guilty. For instance, the court may suspend your driver’s license, require you to perform community service, impose signficant fines, and/or mandate anger management classes to name a few.

The Glen Rock Municipal Court is located at 1 Harding Plaza. The court office is open Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm, and the court office can be contacted directly at 201-670-3950.

  • Warren F. Clark is the Judge.
  • E. Carter Corriston, Jr. is the Prosecutor.
  • Kim McWilliams is the Court Administrator.

For more information on the Glen Rock Municipal Court, please visit their website.

Directions to Glen Rock Municipal Court:

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  • The Glen Rock Police Department is also located at 1 Harding Plaza and can be contacted at 201-652-3800. For more information on the Glen Rock Police Department, please visit their website.

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If you or a loved one has been arrested or issued a ticket in Glen Rock, New Jersey, contact us anytime at (201)-330-4979, or use our online contact form to arrange a free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer who can assist you. This is one phone call you can be sure you won’t regret.


If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, disorderly persons offense, or traffic / DWI violation, you have the right to an attorney who will defend you against your charges and fight for your best interests. To learn more about how your attorney can fight to have your charges dismissed or reduced, click a link below to see our video library of legal defenses and strategies.