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Carlstadt NJ Criminal LawyerIf you are facing criminal charges in Carlstadt, New Jersey, you need a skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney to represent you. Arrests for disorderly persons offenses and DWI happen on a regular basis in the Borough of Carlstadt, exposing defendants to heavy fines, jail time, community service, probation, driver’s license suspension, and a host of other potential penalties. When you’re charged with a criminal or traffic offense in Carlstadt, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed prior to your appearance in court. This is equally true if you have been charged with an indictable crime in Bergen County. The experienced criminal defense lawyers at the Tormey Law Firm have the experience and the knowledge to help you navigate through this difficult time. Our lawyers have handled thousands of cases in Superior and Municipal Courts in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey, including those involving DWI, eluding police, and resisting arrest issued in Carlstadt, NJ. For client reviews, click here, or contact us anytime at (201)-330-4979 for a free initial consultation with a Carlstadt criminal defense lawyer. You can also contact us online to arrange a consultation at no cost.

Carlstadt Municipal Court Information

Under New Jersey law, municipal courts have limited jurisdiction. This means that there are some cases that are handled at a higher level, namely the superior court. Specifically, the municipal courts hear criminal charges for disorderly persons and petty disorderly persons offenses such as disorderly conduct, possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana, harassment, criminal mischief resulting in minor property damage, shoplifting involving items valued at less than $200, and others that fall within the realm of misdemeanors. These courts also handle traffic charges including DUI’s for alcohol or drugs. When offenses of this kind happen in Carlstadt, it is the local municipal court’s responsibility to adjudicate the case. The Carlstadt Municipal Court is located at 500 Madison Street, approximately one mile away from the Meadowlands Sports Complex. The court office is open Monday-Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm, and the court office can be contacted directly at 201-531-8701.

For more information on the Carlstadt Municipal Court, please visit their website.

Carlstadt Municipal Court Information:

  • George O. Savino is the Judge.
  • Rosario Presti is the Prosecutor.
  • Joyce Rotondo is the Court Administrator.

Directions to Carlstadt Municipal Court:

Indictable Crimes in Carlstadt, New Jersey

An indictable crime of the first, second, third, or fourth degree is transitioned out of Carlstadt to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. The case then proceeds in Bergen County Superior Court. These criminal charges are handled differently than municipal court cases, as there is even more on the line for those convicted. Any criminal charge is serious, but being charged with a felony means you are looking at state prison time, as opposed to a county jail sentence if convicted. There are also distinctions between the processes in Superior vs. Municipal court. For example, in municipal court there is one prosecutor and one judge who decides the case. The defendant is not entitled to have their initial evidence reviewed by a grand jury for indictment, as cases in municipal court don’t undergo the indictment process before moving forward. Thus, if you are charged with a DWI, you are relying on the judge’s decision in your case entirely. On the other hand, superior court cases are decided by a jury of your peers.

Depending on the degree of crime, you may face up to 20 years in prison for an indictable offense. In addition, some charges entail extended sentences that could land you in prison for 30 years or even life. There are also offenses subject to specific sentencing requirements under provisions like the No Early Release Act, which require you to serve 85 percent of the sentence before reaching parole eligibility. Similarly, the Graves Act in New Jersey Gun Cases mandates a prison sentence and a minimum sentence for those who are ultimately found guilty. So if you are pulled over in a traffic stop and are driving with a firearm in the car without the proper permit, you may be arrested and charged with a second degree crime for unlawful possession of a weapon.

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Carlstadt is a borough in Bergen County, NJ. Carlstadt has a population of more than 6,000 people and a land area of four square miles. The New Jersey Turnpike, Route 120, and Route 503 run through the borough.

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