NJ Residents Face Criminal Charges for Hurricane Sandy Relief Fraud

Five NJ Residents Allegedly Defrauded Government Out of Relief Funds for Hurricane Sandy Damage

Hurricane Sandy Relief Fraud in NJNew Jersey state prosecutors recently filed fraud charges against five individuals accused of defrauding both the state and federal governments out of relief money for Hurricane Sandy damage. That brings the total number of people charged with Hurricane Sandy fraud to 109 since 2014, according to the NJ Attorney General’s Office. The five suspects most recently charged are a Little Egg Harbor Township resident, a Lodi resident, a Roseland resident, a Belle Mead resident, and a Brielle resident. According to authorities, the five suspects sought government assistance to compensate them for damaged properties in NJ under false pretenses.

New Jersey Suspects Charged with Fraud Crimes for Allegedly Lying to Government About Hurricane Sandy Property Damage

One defendant allegedly secured more than $177K in government relief funds for damage to his home in Little Egg Harbor, NJ. However, he reportedly lied about the Little Egg Harbor Township property being his primary place of residence; his actual primary residence is believed to be in Edison, New Jersey. As a result, he was charged with theft by deception and unsworn falsification.

A second defendant reportedly received more than $125K in government assistance by claiming that his primary residence was a damaged property in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. As a result, he also faces criminal charges for theft by deception.

The third suspect recently charged has been charged with theft by deception and unsworn falsification after getting more than $47K in government assistance for Hurricane Sandy damage. According to authorities, they claimed to reside in Lavalette, NJ, but that property was reportedly just a vacation home.

The fourth suspect allegedly received around $27K in government assistance by claiming that he needed funds for repairs to his residence in Lavalette, NJ. However, according to NJ state prosecutors, the Lavalette property was merely a vacation home. As a result, he has been charged with theft by deception and unsworn falsification.

The fifth suspect was charged with theft by deception for allegedly securing more than $12K from the government by claiming that her home in Brielle, NJ is a primary residence. However, authorities said, this was just a seasonal residence.

If the suspects are convicted of theft by deception, they would face significant prison time. Additionally, they would likely face fines and could be ordered to pay restitution to the government for the financial costs of their alleged fraud.

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