Criminal Case Against Hackensack Police Officers Put on Hold

Hackensack Marijuana AttorneysThe Hackensack NJ cops who allegedly conducted an illegal search and seizure in at least one drug crime case face criminal charges that could land them behind bars.

The seven suspects are officers with the Hackensack Police Department. The suspects were charged with mishandling evidence and falsifying reports after investigators determined that they entered a Hackensack apartment and seized drug evidence despite not having a valid warrant. (The suspects also reportedly lacked probable cause for the search.)

The charges against the drug crime suspect have already been dropped by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office due to the alleged illegal search.

If the Hackensack police officers are convicted in their criminal cases, they could be sentenced to time in jail. Beyond that, they could lose their jobs as police officers.

For the time being, the cases involving the suspects have been halted by Bergen County prosecutors. That’s because prosecutors believe that recent suspensions handed down by the Hackensack Police Department may compromise the charges.

To learn more about this case, see the article, “Allegations Against 7 Cops Put Criminal Cases on Hold, Report Says.”


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