Hackensack Man Allegedly Fired Gun During Domestic Violence Incident

Hackensack NJ Criminal LawyersHackensack NJ cops recently arrested two suspects who were allegedly involved in a domestic dispute. According to law enforcement officials, the domestic dispute began with a shooting and ended with two car crashes.

The suspects, a 20-year-old Hackensack male and a 21-year-old Hackensack female, are reportedly siblings. According to law enforcement, the man got into a domestic altercation just after 8:00 a.m. at a Holt Street house and began to act “irrationally.”

The suspect reportedly fired a gun into the air and then drove away in a black SUV that was later reported stolen.

While attempting to drive through the neighborhood, the suspect allegedly crashed his vehicle into two cars: a car parked on Washington Avenue and a car parked on Lafayette Street.

The male suspect’s sister reportedly drove behind him in a different car and then took him back home after the car accidents.

Hackensack police officers met the suspect at the residence and had a brief standoff with him. Police eventually arrested the suspect and took him to Hackensack police headquarters.

The male suspect is expected to face numerous criminal charges, including charges for aggravated assault and criminal weapons offenses. Additionally, the suspect will likely be issued traffic citations in connection with the car crashes.

Man Arrested for Firing Gun During Domestic Violence Incident Hackensack NJ

The suspect’s sister also faces criminal charges for obstruction of the administration of justice.

For more information about this case, read the NorthJersey.com article, “Hackensack Siblings Arrested After Reports of Gunfire.”


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