Bergen County NJ Third Degree Theft Charges Dismissed

Fort Lee NJ 3rd Degree Theft Charges Dismissed

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Third Degree Theft Charges Bergen County NJ
Third Degree Theft Charges Bergen County NJ

A recent client of The Tormey Law Firm was charged with 3° Theft  arising out of Fort Lee NJ after repeatedly going through the tollbooths at the George Washington Bridge without paying the toll. Over a period of time, our client had accumulated approximately $8,000 in unpaid tolls and associated penalties. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office charged our client with the Theft charge based upon that full amount. If convicted of the 3rd degree charge, our client could have faced up to 5 years in a state prison, or up to 5 years of probationary supervision. He would also have had a felony criminal conviction on his record for a minimum of 5 years before being eligible to have the record expunged.

After originally being presented with a plea offer of 364 days in the county jail, attorney Christopher Perry was able to advise our client to take specific actions to help our position with the Prosecutor’s Office. Our client did what was asked, and through careful negotiation with the Prosecutor’s Office, we were able to eventually have the entire case dismissed. Our client never spent a day in jail and does not have to carry the weight of a criminal conviction on his record going forward.

There is no criminal record based on the charges being dismissed. However, there is a record of the arrest (fingerprints, mugshot, etc.). Now, because the case was dismissed altogether, the client is immediately eligible to expunge this arrest from his record. The reason to do this is to have the arrest removed so that doesn’t show up on background checks for work, school, professional licenses, etc. The expungement usually takes three to four months and requires a motion to be filed in the Superior Court to seclude these records. They are not destroyed but they are set aside so they no longer show up on background checks.

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