Scammers Target Ridgewood Residents Through Parking Ticket Payment Emails

Ridgewood New Jersey Theft LawyersThe Ridgewood Police Department has issued a warning to local residents after several people reported falling victim to a parking ticket scam involving online credit card payments.

According to law enforcement, someone has been trying to steal from Ridgewood NJ residents with a scam that tricks them into believing they owe money for parking tickets. Further, the scammers attempt to convince residents that parking ticket payments should be made online.

The fraud scheme involves an email that asks the recipient to click on a link and then type their credit card information. The email claims to come from the Ridgewood Police Department Parking Citation Revenue Unit.

Ridgewood authorities have received multiple reports of residents being victimized by the parking ticket fraud scheme.

Now Ridgewood NJ police have cautioned people in the borough to never provide credit card information or any other personal information when asked to do so in an online traffic summons. In fact, said Ridgewood authorities, police will never send a traffic summons through email.

Any members of the public with information about the fraud scheme should get in touch with Ridgewood detectives at 201-652-3900.

For further information about this case, read the article, “North Jersey Police Warn of Parking Ticket Scam.”


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