Police Search for Man Who Robbed Hackensack NJ Restaurant

Hackensack NJ Robbery LawyersHackensack New Jersey police are looking for a man who reportedly robbed a local restaurant.

According to law enforcement, the suspect committed the robbery at the Hop Sing Restaurant located on Essex Street in Hackensack NJ. He reportedly entered the restaurant just before midnight and flashed a handgun at the cashier. The suspect allegedly said, “Give me the money” and threatened the shoot the worker unless he handed over cash.

The suspect reportedly got more than $100 and then ran out of the building.

The Hackensack Police Department sent officers to the scene, but the suspect was already out of the area by the time they arrived.

Hackensack detectives are investigating the theft incident and attempting to identify the robber.

If police can identify and arrest the suspect, it is likely that he would face numerous criminal charges for armed robbery, theft of movable property, and weapons offenses.

Armed Robbery Charges in Hackensack, NJ

For more information about this case, view the NorthJersey.com article, “Lone Gunman Robs Hackensack Restaurant of $100-$150.”


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