North Bergen NJ Man Accused of Bringing Firearm to Work in Franklin Lakes

Bergen County Weapons Offense AttorneysPolice in Franklin Lakes recently arrested a North Bergen man accused of bringing a firearm into his workplace.

The suspect, a 45-year-old North Bergen NJ man, works at Daman Associates Inc. This is an insurance agency on High Mountain Road in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

According to authorities, the suspect drove to work in the morning, walked into the office, and put a handgun in a desk drawer.

Another employee at the business reportedly discovered the gun in the suspect’s desk and became worried. He then dialed 911 and notified the Franklin Lakes Police Department. Detectives were then sent to the scene and subsequently spoke with the suspect and his co-workers.

Franklin Lakes NJ cops conducted an investigation into the situation and decided to arrest the suspect. The suspect was then charged with unlawful possession of a handgun.

If the suspect is convicted of a weapons offense, he would be subject to severe penalties. That’s because N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5(b) classifies unlawful possession of a handgun as a second degree criminal offense. Beyond that, the suspect would face a mandatory minimum prison sentence under the New Jersey Graves Act.

To learn more about this case, access the article, “Man Brings Gun to His Job, Co-Worker Calls Cops.”


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