Saddle Brook Police Investigate Break-In, Theft at Local Church on Christmas

Saddle Brook Criminal Defense LawyersSaddle Brook detectives are looking into a break-in at a local church during Christmas weekend.

According to authorities, multiple suspects burglarized the St. Philip the Apostle Church on Saddle River Road in Saddle Brook, NJ and stole money from donation boxes.

The suspects allegedly committed the break-in after mass on Christmas Day. Priests and parishioners discovered the burglary the next morning around 7:00 a.m. when they showed up for another mass. Visitors saw the remnants of a stained glass window that had been broken. Investigators believe that the suspects got inside the church by breaking the window.

Saddle Brook NJ detectives and members of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Bureau of Criminal Identification conducted a joint investigation into the break-in and determined that the suspects committed theft crimes after breaking into the building.

According to law enforcement officials, the suspects broke into two donation boxes for the St. Vincent de Paul Society and stole an unspecified amount of cash. The St. Vincent de Paul Society is an anti-poverty group that provides financial assistance to poor members of the congregation.

For further information about this case, go to the article, “Christmas Break-In Hits Church Donation Boxes.”


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