Saddle Brook NJ DWI and Refusal Charges Dismissed Thanks to the Tormey Law Firm

Saddle Brook DWI Defense Lawyers in Bergen County, NJ

Fighting DWI and Refusal Charges in Saddle Brook Municipal Court

Saddle Brook NJ DWI Defense Lawyers
Saddle Brook NJ DWI Defense Lawyers

One of the our clients was recently charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) and refusal to give samples of his breath for testing in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. At 53 years old, our client had never been charged with DWI or Refusal before and did not have any sort of history with law enforcement.

Penalties for DWI and Refusal in NJ

The client was facing severe penalties includes fines, license suspension, alcohol classes, interlock device on his vehicle, and even jail time. In addition, he was facing thousands of dollars in DMV surcharges as well as insurance surcharges if convicted of a DWI offense. Typically, for a first offense DWI conviction, the costs can easily exceed $5,000 between the fines, surcharges, costs, and insurance premiums. That’s why it is crucial to hire an experienced DWI defense attorney to try to avoid these serious penalties if at all possible.

Fighting your DWI – Comprehensive Defense Strategy to Beat Your Case in Court

Our firm determined that our client had several medical issues that affected his ability to perform the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests that the officer asked him to perform. As a result of these medical impairments, our client could not walk in a straight line or maintain his balance well enough to pass those tests. Since he could not perform the tests properly, they were not reliable enough for the prosecutor to prove that our client was impaired when operating his motor vehicle. One of our attorneys, Christopher Perry, is a certified instructor on field sobriety testing and takes the same classes that the police officers take when learning how to instruct, implement, and grade these tests. This allows him to attack and analyze the field sobriety tests in each and every DWI case handled by the Tormey Law Firm.

Further, we were able to obtain medical records from our client’s doctors that showed he was unable to sufficiently blow enough air to obtain a valid reading from the Alcotest machine. Since the Refusal charge was based on our client’s not having blown enough air through the machine, we were able to show that our client’s refusal was not voluntary, and that he did not actually refuse to take the test. He was physically unable to provide breath samples on the Alcotest 7110 breath testing device.

DWI and Refusal Charges Dismissed in Saddle Brook Municipal Court

As a result of the extended negotiations with the prosecutor, we were able to convince the State to dismiss both of those tickets, leaving our client facing one minor ticket which was easily dealt with. This was a tremendous outcome on a case that could have resulted in up to 30 days in jail, a possible suspension of our client’s driver’s license of up to one year, a requirement for an interlock device to be installed in his car for up to one year, and various fines and surcharges totaling more than $3,000. Instead of those penalties, our client has no conviction of either DWI or Refusal on his abstract. This outcome was another great success for our client and for the Tormey Law Firm.


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