Fort Lee Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Robbed Local Banks

Fort Lee NJ police recently apprehended a New York City man who allegedly robbed two banks.

The suspect, a 29-year-old resident of NYC, reportedly committed both bank robberies in Fort Lee, NJ.

The second robbery occurred at the Bank of New Jersey branch that’s located on West Street in Fort Lee, NJ. Law enforcement officials said that the suspect walked inside the building around noon, approached a bank worker, and handed the employee a note. The note reportedly threatened the bank teller and demanded that the worker hand over cash. Once the suspect had the money, he allegedly ran out of the bank and fled the area on foot.

Fort Lee cops canvassed the neighborhood in search of the suspect and eventually located him on Center Avenue, in the vicinity of the George Washington Bridge. When the suspect spotted the police officers, he allegedly tried to make a run for it across 14 active lanes on the highway. Police officers ultimately managed to subdue the suspect and place him under arrest.

While searching the suspect, Fort Lee cops reportedly found him with the cash that was stolen from the bank.

The suspect would be subject to severe penalties if he is convicted on criminal charges for first degree armed robbery, third degree terroristic threats, or fourth degree obstruction of administration of law.

To learn more about this case, check out the article, “Fort Lee Sees Second Bank Robbery in Under Two Weeks.”


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