Englewood NJ Woman Headed to Prison for Scamming NY Senior Out of $10K

An Englewood NJ woman is going to prison in New York after she admitted her role in a fraud scheme that conned a senior citizen out of $10,300.

The suspect, a 58-year-old Englewood NJ resident, was part of a trio of scammers who tricked the elderly victim into giving them more than $10K in cash.

The victim, an 88-year-old Queens NY woman, was approached by the suspects on a sidewalk near her residence. The suspect showed the victim a bag filled with $100 bills and told her that she needed help paying the taxes on the money.

Two days after first meeting the suspect, the victim was driven to a bank so that she could withdraw money and give it to the scammers. The suspect and her co-conspirators later fled without handing over any money to the victim.

When police captured the suspect, she was in a Buick. According to prosecutors, police officers recovered $10,300 in cash, wigs, and fake $100 bills inside the car.

The suspect was charged with third degree grand larceny and third degree criminal possession of stolen property. She ultimately avoided trial in a New York courtroom by reaching a plea deal with prosecutors.

The plea agreement was recently approved by a judge at a formal sentencing hearing, which means that the suspect will spend a minimum of two-and-a-half years in prison.

For further information about this case, go to the NJ.com article, “Woman Who Scammed $10K from Senior Gets Jail Time.”


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