Two Men Accused of Transporting Marijuana from Passaic County to Bergen County

Paramus Drug Crime SuspectAuthorities recently seized a large amount of marijuana that was on its way through Bergen County, NJ. According to law enforcement, the marijuana shipment had a street value of more than $750,000.

A number of different law enforcement agencies, including the New Jersey State Police and the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office, worked together on the investigation after finding out about a marijuana shipment headed to a Clifton NJ storage facility.

While conducting surveillance, NJ detectives reportedly observed the suspects using a box truck to transport illegal drugs from Bergen County to Passaic County, New Jersey. Police tracked the truck on Route 17 in Paramus and spotted Mercedes-Benz SUV driving nearby.

Police eventually stopped both vehicles on Route 17 and reportedly saw the SUV driver acting suspicious and hiding an item under his clothes.

When the driver got out of the SUV, he reportedly dropped his cell phone on the ground. Later, while officers were in the process of detaining and handcuffing the suspect, he allegedly tried to resist arrest.

During subsequent searches of both vehicles, detectives allegedly came across three wooden crates that were filled with 250 pounds of pot and 88 vials of liquid THC.

Both suspects face drug crime charges, including marijuana possession, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

The two suspects are currently being held at the Passaic County Jail on separate bail amounts of more than $200,000.

For more information about this case, access the article, “250 Pounds of Pot Headed for Clifton Seized in Paramus.”


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