“James Bond Gang” Member Pleads Guilty to Burglary Spree in Bergen County

James Bond Gang Burglary SuspectA man accused of having a key role in a criminal group that committed a burglary spree across New Jersey made an appearance in Bergen County Superior Court in Hackensack and pleaded guilty to theft and burglary charges.

The suspect is a 49-year-old Jamaica New York resident. He is reportedly a founding member of a criminal crew that law enforcement has dubbed the “James Bond Gang.”

According to authorities, the James Bond Gang broke into houses located in affluent parts of Bergen County, Somerset County, and Morris County. The thefts were allegedly committed from July 2014 to November 2014, with the James Bond gang allegedly breaking into at least 30 different residences.

The suspects allegedly covered their faces with masks and broke into the houses through the front doors. After allegedly stealing items from the residences, the suspects would reportedly use a getaway car to flee the scenes.

The Jamaica New York suspect managed to avoid trial in Bergen County Superior Court by reaching a plea deal with prosecutors. The suspect pleaded guilty to criminal charges for conspiracy to commit theft, conspiracy to traffic in stolen property, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Prosecutors agreed to recommend a prison sentence of five years. If the suspect had gone to trial and been convicted on all of the charges, he would have faces decades behind bars in New Jersey State Prison.

To learn more about this case, read the NJ.com article, “Member of ‘James Bond Gang’ Pleads Guilty in Burglary Spree.”


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