Fairview Police Arrest NY Woman Accused of Witness Tampering in Sexual Assault Case

Witness Tampering Charges in Fairview NJA Bronx New York woman faces criminal charges for witness tampering after she reportedly attempted to coerce the victim in a Fairview NJ sexual assault case to change her statement.

According to prosecutors, the suspect contacted a female who told authorities that someone else had raped her.

The person accused of rape is the defendant in a Fairview NJ sex crime case. He allegedly committed the rape in Bergen County, NJ. The victim’s statement played a large role in Bergen County prosecutors deciding to file criminal charges against the alleged rapist.

Law enforcement was still investigating the rape allegations when the Bronx woman allegedly spoke with the sexual assault victim and tried to convince her to recant her testimony.

The suspect is a 32-year-old woman who lives in the Bronx, New York. She has been charged with the very serious crime of witness tampering due to her alleged attempt to pressure the Fairview rape victim to change her story.

The New Jersey criminal justice system is meant to be a safe place for crime victims to come forward and testify truthfully, so the allegations against the Bronx woman are being taken very seriously by Bergen County NJ prosecutors. A conviction on witness tampering charges could lead to significant criminal penalties.

After being placed under arrest and charged, the suspect was ordered held at the Bergen County Correctional Facility in Hackensack on a $5K bail amount.

To learn more about this case, see the NJ.com article, “Woman Accused of Coercing Sex-Crime Victim to Recant, Cops Say.”


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