Bogota NJ Man Convicted of Child Pornography Distribution, Gets Four Years in Prison

Child Pornography Charges in Bogota NJA Bogota NJ man is going to prison after pleading guilty to criminal charges for distributing child pornography.

According to officials, the suspect set up a folder on his computer that allowed him to share child rape videos and other illicit child pornography with other Internet users. The folder gave access to the other people so that they could download the illegal files from his computer.

New Jersey State Police and the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice began a joint investigation into the suspect last year. Authorities eventually traced the illegal sexual images and videos to an IP address at the suspect’s house in Bogota, NJ.

When law enforcement seized the suspect’s computer, they allegedly discovered a folder containing more than 180 videos and images of child pornography.

The suspect is a 70-year-old man who resides in Bogota, New Jersey. He was charged with numerous sex crimes, including child pornography possession and child pornography distribution.

The suspect managed to avoid a trial by reaching a plea agreement with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. The suspect pleaded guilty to second degree felony charges for child pornography distribution; in exchange, Bergen County prosecutors dropped the other criminal charges against him.

The suspect will have to appear in Bergen County Superior Court in December for formal sentencing, with the superior court judge expected to sentence the suspect to a term of incarceration of four years in NJ State Prison.

The suspect will also have to register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law after he completes his prison sentence.

For more information about this case, read the article, “Bergen County Man Admits to Sharing Child Porn Online, Authorities Say.”


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