Wyckoff NJ Police Search for Suspects Accused of Committing String of Car Burglaries

Police in Wyckoff New Jersey are on the lookout for the suspects behind several recent car burglaries.

According to Bergen County law enforcement, at least two individuals may have committed the string of car break-ins. The suspects were able to illegally gain access to a number of unlocked motor vehicles that had been parked along James Way and Russell Avenue in Wyckoff, New Jersey.

The Wyckoff Police Department began to investigate the car burglaries after receiving multiple reports from vehicle owners who said that possessions had gone missing from their cars. The victims told Wyckoff law enforcement that someone had broken into their parked cars and stolen items such as cell phones, GPS units, and wallets filled with cash and credit cards.

Wyckoff detectives investigated the car break-ins and thefts, but they were not able to find signs of forced entry into the vehicles. As a result, investigators believe that the victims’ vehicles may have been targeted precisely because they were parked on the street and left unlocked.

Authorities are still trying to figure out who may have committed the car burglaries. If Wyckoff police can eventually determine the identities of the suspects, it is likely that serious criminal charges for burglary and theft of movable property would follow.

The Wyckoff Police Department is hoping to prevent future incidents of theft by asking local residents to take safety precautions when parking their vehicles on the street or in their home driveways.

For additional information about this case, read the Patch.com article, “GPS Units, Cell Phones, and Wallets Stolen from Wyckoff Vehicles.”


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