Domestic Violence Incident Results in Murder-Suicide at Carlstadt NJ Residence

Carlstadt New Jersey Murder AttorneysA tense standoff involving Carlstadt NJ police officers and a man accused of murdering his wife ended when the suspect reportedly committed suicide.

The domestic violent incident unfolded at a residence on Union Street in Carlstadt, NJ. The suspect, a 45-year-old resident of Carlstadt New Jersey, allegedly used a handgun to shoot and kill his wife. When neighbors heard the gunshots and dialed 911, the Carlstadt Police Department dispatched officers to the scene.

A standoff ensued, with Carlstadt police officers and members of the Bergen Regional SWAT Team surrounding the house and attempting to persuade the suspect to surrender to authorities.

The suspect relented at one point and allowed police officers to move onto the front lawn and get the body of the victim. Around that time, Carlstadt NJ cope were able to usher three children out of the residence.

Several hours went by before the suspect reportedly killed himself. According to witnesses, the suicide may have been preceded by police storming the house.

Bergen County NJ prosecutors are looking into the incident and attempting to figure out exactly what happened. It is unclear whether the victim had a restraining order against the suspect.

To learn more about this case, check out the article, “Bergen Husband and Wife Dead in Murder-Suicide: Prosecutor.”


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