South Carolina Trucker Allegedly Avoided Paying Tolls on Fort Lee NJ Roads

Fort Lee NJ Toll Fraud SchemePort Authority cops in Fort Lee New Jersey reportedly caught a truck driver attempting to commit fraud as he dodged the payment of tolls on NJ toll roads.

The suspect was arrested early in the morning in Fort Lee, NJ. Port Authority police officers pulled over the suspect’s 2006 Kenworth tractor trailer as he tried to drive through a toll on the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The police officers stopped the truck because the truck driver reportedly used the “EZ Pass only” lane even though he did not have a visible EZ pass transponder. Beyond that, Port Authority NJ police reportedly could not see a valid license plate mounted on the front of the truck.

Port Authority NJ cops spoke with the driver and asked him to show them a valid license plate. The suspect allegedly responded by handing the police officers a fake Maine license plate. According to authorities, the license plate had been doctored because it was actually suspended earlier this year.

It is believed that the suspect, a truck driver who resides in South Carolina, was using the fake license plate to get around requirements to pay tolls on certain roads in NJ.

The 34-year-old suspect has been charged with theft of services and cited for multiple traffic offenses, including toll evasion.

Law enforcement is currently investigating the case and trying to figure out how much money the suspect might have stolen with the alleged toll fraud scheme.

To learn more about this case, access the article, “Trucker Arrested in Alleged Toll-Dodging Scheme, Cops Say.”


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