Lyndhurst NJ Police Arrest Man, Charge Him with Raping Sleeping Woman

Rape Charges in Lyndhurst New JerseyLyndhurst NJ police recently apprehended a man who is accused of sexually assaulting a female friend while she was asleep in her home.

According to Bergen County law enforcement, the suspect was in the victim’s Lyndhurst residence at night when she passed out. At some point while the victim was unconscious, the suspect allegedly raped her.

After the victim woke up, she contacted Lyndhurst NJ police to report the alleged sexual assault. She said that she actually woke up from her sleep while the victim was in the process of raping her.

It has been reported that the suspect and the victim were friends.

Lyndhurst NJ police investigated the sex offense allegations and determined that the suspect should be charged with multiple crimes, including aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault.

The suspect, a 35-year-old man from Barnegat, NJ, would be in store for severe criminal penalties if he is convicted of aggravated sexual assault. As set forth by N.J.S.A. 2C:14-2, aggravated sexual assault is a first degree felony that carries a potential punishment of 10-20 years in NJ State Prison.

While the suspect awaits possible indictment by a Bergen County grand jury, he is being held at the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack New Jersey on a $100K bail amount.

For further information about this case, read the article, “N.J. Man Sexually Assaulted Woman While She Slept, Cops Say.”


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