Violent Assaults at Bergen Regional Medical Center in Paramus NJ on the Rise

NJ officials are worried about the high number of assault offenses being committed at the Bergen Regional Medical Center in Paramus, New Jersey.

An investigation by The Record of Woodland Park found that Paramus NJ law enforcement responded to nearly 300 reports of assault crimes at the Bergen Regional Medical Center in 2015. This number was almost double the total number of assaults that were reported at the Paramus NJ hospital the previous year.

Over time, assaults have become such a major problem at the Bergen Regional Medical Center that federal officials felt compelled to get involved. In 2015, the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) imposed severe sanctions against the Paramus NJ hospital in response to assault reports by eight hospital employees.

According to records released by Bergen County police, the assault victims at the Paramus New Jersey hospital include young children who suffered abuse as hospital patients, seniors who were viciously attacked, and hospital employees who were assaulted by out-of-control patients.

One assault victim at the hospital in 2015 worked there as a nurse. She told police that a large patient assaulted her while she was treating him, causing her to sustain significant physical injuries.

Another assault victim at the Paramus hospital in 2015 was a six-year-old boy who allegedly got sexually assaulted by another patient.

The Bergen Regional Medical Center used to be known as Bergen Pines. It is privately run but publicly owned, functioning as the state’s largest hospital. The medical facility provides more than 1,000 beds for patients in needs of treatment for injuries, psychological issues or drug addiction and abuse.

For additional information, see the article, “Incidents of Violence Frequent at N.J.’s Largest Hospital, Report Says.”


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