Man Who Used to Live in Bergen County NJ Shot and Killed in North Carolina

Bergen County NJ Restraining Order LawyersA former Bergen County NJ resident was recently murdered, along with his wife and mother, in North Carolina.

Now prosecutors have said that the victim previously attempted to get a permanent restraining order against the suspect. According to authorities, the no-contact order alleged that the suspect came to the victim’s home to threaten him with a gun, in addition to sending alarming text messages and placing several phone calls.

A district court judge granted the victim’s request for a temporary restraining order. However, he later dismissed the final restraining order because the victim “failed to prove grounds for issuance of a no-contact order.”

Just one day after the final restraining order hearing, the suspect allegedly broke into the victim’s home and used a shotgun to murder the victim, his wife, and his mother.

The suspect and the victim lived next door to each other. North Carolina prosecutors believe that the suspect was upset because of a failed business venture. Apparently, the suspect and the victim were co-owners of a landscaping business.

The suspect has been charged with three counts of first degree murder in North Carolina. If he is eventually convicted of homicide, he could be sentenced to life behind bars. Moreover, depending on what prosecutors decide to do in the case, the suspect could even receive the death penalty.

To learn more about this case, access the article, “Weeks before Being Shot Dead, Victim in Triple Homicide Feared Neighbor with Gun.”


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