Bergenfield NJ Police Investigate Possible Homicide, Suicide at Local Residence

Bergenfield NJ Murder AttorneysPolice in Bergenfield New Jersey are investigating two deaths that were initially classified as a murder-suicide.

The violent incident unfolded at a house on West Clinton Street in Bergenfield, New Jersey. An 11-year-old child who lives there dialed 911 around 10:20 a.m. and said that his parents were in the residence and that they were no longer breathing.

Bergenfield police officers arrived at the scene, where they discovered the bodies of two individuals: 36-year-old female found in an upstairs bedroom and a 44-year-old male found in a basement utility room.

Bergenfield NJ police conducted an investigation and determined that the female victim had likely been shot by someone else, while the male probably as the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Official Bergen County NJ medical examiners will still have to conduct autopsies to confirm the causes of death in the likely homicide and suicide.

While officials searched the residence for clues, a number of co-workers of the female victim showed up at the home. The woman’s co-workers said that they grew concerned when she failed to show up for work at the Dollar Tree Store, which is located near the residence.

Police have said that the deaths are being classified as a domestic violence murder-suicide incident. Among the agencies investigating the possible homicide are the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crime Unit, and the Bergenfield Police Department.

To learn more about this case, read the article, “2 Dead in Apparent Bergenfield Murder-Suicide, Official Says.”


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