Paramus NJ Law Enforcement Looking for Hit-and-Run Accident Suspect

Paramus NJ Hit and Run Accident LawyersParamus NJ police shut down a road as they investigated a hit-and-run car accident that caused a pedestrian to suffer serious injuries.

The auto accident went down around 8:00 p.m. on Route 17 North at A & S Drive in Paramus, NJ. The victim is a 20-year-old female who lives in Paramus. She was walking near the Toys “R” Us store on Ridgewood Avenue when an SUV drove past at a high rate of speed and hit her.

Another motorist saw the victim lying in the roadway and dialed 911 to notify the Paramus Police Department. When Paramus NJ police officers showed up at the scene of the accident, they came across the victim.

The victim, who sustained serious physical damage as a result of the car accident, was quickly moved to Hackensack University Medical Center. Doctors at the hospital provided medical treatment to the victim for her injuries.

Paramus police are currently investigating the hit-and-run accident. Investigators talked to the victim and to witnesses at the scene of the crash. It is believed that the suspect’s vehicle is a black Toyota SUV that sustained heavy damage to the front right fender and the front right mirror.

If authorities are eventually able to determine the identity of the suspect, the driver would probably be subject to severe criminal penalties. While leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident is often classified as a traffic violation, it can be elevated to a criminal offense when the offender knowingly leaves the scene of a car accident that caused serious bodily injury to someone.

To learn more about this case, see the article, “Person Seriously Injured in Paramus Hit-and-Run.”


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