Florida Man Accused of Defrauding Bergen County Business, Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud Charges

Bergen County NJ Fraud LawyersA Florida man recently appeared in federal court in Newark NJ and entered a guilty plea on fraud charges.

The 60-year-old suspect, who is from Seminole, Florida, admitted to defrauding a business located in Bergen County, New Jersey. The suspect allegedly stole $220,000 by using an alias of “Mark Sawyer” and providing invoices from a bogus company that he created.

The suspect is said to have formed Sawyer Express Transportation, a fake business that supposedly had its base of operations in Idaho. He then defrauded an actual business in Bergen County, NJ by providing fake invoices for transportation services between June 2014 and September 2014.

The Bergen County business, a factoring firm, gave the suspect short-term financing and immediate cash that ended up totaling $220K.

The suspect’s deception was eventually discovered by authorities and he was placed under arrest.

Now the suspect has pleaded guilty to the federal charges. He recently made an appearance in U.S. District Court, located in Newark, New Jersey, and entered a guilty plea to one count of wire fraud.

The suspect needs to make another appearance in U.S. District Court on May 24 so that a federal judge can formally sentence him on the wire fraud charges. The suspect could potentially be sentenced to up to 20 years in federal prison and fined up to $250,000.

To learn more about this case, view the NJ.com article, “Man Used Fake Company to Bilk Real Bergen Business.”


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