Two Men Convicted of Major Burglary Spree in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey

Bergen County New Jersey Burglary SuspectTwo suspects have been convicted in Newark federal court on charges of burglary.

The men allegedly broke into homes located across the East Coast, including multiple residences in New Jersey.

Police managed to connect the suspects to the home burglaries by using the cell phone records of one of the suspects, a 43-year-old who lived in North Bergen, NJ.

Police also linked the other suspect, a 36-year-old man who resided in Brooklyn New York, to the burglaries.

According to federal officials, the suspects broke into 27 homes in New Jersey, Georgia, and other states during a burglary spree that spanned several years. The suspects reportedly took $3.4 million in cash, jewelry, watches and other items.

The suspects reportedly focused their efforts on houses in high-income neighborhoods, including Paramus. The suspects’ modus operandi involved cutting phone lines and home alarm systems and then entering the houses undetected.

A number of law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, a Bergen County task force, and several local police departments, conducted a joint investigation. Investigators eventually found the suspects and apprehended them.

Law enforcement was able to capture the suspects because one of them was always in possession of a personal cell phone that provided an electronic record of the suspects’ movements and whereabouts when the burglaries were committed.

Now that the suspects have been convicted of criminal charges, they face severe penalties. A federal jury recently issued guilty verdicts to the suspects on multiple counts, including interstate transportation of stolen property and conspiracy.

The suspects will have to return to U.S. District Court in Newark in February 2016 so that they can be formally sentenced. It is possible that the federal judge will hand down 10-year prison sentences in the case.

To learn more about this case, view the article entitled “Undone by Cell Phone, N.J. Ringleader Convicted in $3.4M Burglary Spree.”


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