Maywood NJ Police Arrest Suspects Who Allegedly Stole Parcels from Local Homes

Maywood New Jersey Theft AttorneysPolice in Maywood NJ recently arrested three men who allegedly stole parcels that had been left on the front porches of local houses.

The Maywood Police Department received word of several individuals driving through Maywood and taking packages lying outside Thoma Avenue residences.

A Maywood NJ police officer was on patrol when he saw an SUV matching the description of the car used in the daytime thefts. The police officer followed the suspects as they drove down several side streets; however, he eventually ended the pursuit when the suspects began to speed up and exited onto Woodland Avenue.

The officer was able to catch up to the suspects when they parked the SUV along railroad tracks.

Four men emerged from the vehicle and tried to make a run for it. Police managed to chase down and subdue three of the suspects. The three suspects were arrested, while a fourth suspect got away for the time being.

While making the arrests, a police officer was allegedly assaulted by the driver of the getaway vehicle. According to law enforcement, the suspect shoved the officer. Afterwards, the police officer was taken to Hackensack University Medical Center so that he could receive medical treatment.

The three suspects who were captured are charged with several crimes, including theft of movable property, eluding police, and resisting arrest. Additionally, the suspect who allegedly pushed the police officer is charged with aggravated assault.

For additional information about this case, read the article entitled “Theft Suspects Lead Cops on Chase in Maywood, Report Says.”


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