Boys Accused of Attacking 14-Year-Old in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Ridgefield Park Aggravated Assault LawyersPolice are investigating an assault allegedly committed against a 14-year-old child as he walked on street in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.

According to officials, four suspects approached the victim and attacked him as he walked in a residential area in Ridgefield Park. The assault took place not long after school ended for the day at 3:00 p.m.

The victim notified Ridgefield Park police, which dispatched officers to the scene. The victim told the officers that he had been “physically assaulted.” The suspects were not carrying any weapons during the assault.

After committing the assault, the offenders made a run for it and fled the area on foot.

The victim was injured as a result of the assault; however, he did not require hospitalization.

The victim managed to give police descriptions of his attackers. The suspects are said to be boys around the ages of 14 or 15. At the time of the attack, one of the suspects was wearing a red t-shirt with white-colored polka dots; another suspect was reportedly wearing a blue polo shirt.

Investigators believe that the attack may be a possible hate crime and bias incident related to “the victim’s perceived sexual preference.”

If the suspects are eventually identified and apprehended, they would be subject to serious criminal charges for aggravated assault. Depending on whether the suspects are charged as juveniles or adults, they could face a sentence of 10 years in New Jersey State Prison for second degree aggravated assault.

Members of the public with information about the attack or the suspects should get in touch with Ridgefield Park police at 201-641-6400.

For more information about this case, access the article entitled “Boys Attack 14-Year-Old in Suspected Bias Offense, Cops Say.”


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