Cliffside Park NJ Man Convicted of Sex with Minor, Gets 8 Years in Federal Prison

A Cliffside Park New Jersey man has been sentenced to serve 8 years in federal prison for illegally transporting a teen across state lines for the purpose of engaging in sexual relations with her.

According to law enforcement, the suspect met the 14-year-old victim online by using an online dating site called “Are You Interested.”

The suspect and the victim reportedly communicated online for two days before deciding to meet in person.

Since the victim lived in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the suspect arranged to meet the victim in Pennsylvania. He allegedly drove to Pennsylvania and picked her up. He then drove the victim across state lines and into the State of New Jersey.

Once they were across state lines, the suspect allegedly had sex with the victim in his vehicle.

After police were notified of the incident, authorities began an investigation. A local Pennsylvania police department, as well as the FBI, investigated the allegations. Authorities eventually discovered enough evidence to arrest the suspect and bring criminal charges.

Since this was an interstate sex case, the 28-year-old suspect faced federal charges.

The suspect later pleaded guilty to the sex crime of traveling with the purpose of having illicit sex with a minor.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the suspect has been sentenced to serve a term of incarceration of 8 years in federal prison. The suspect was also ordered to serve 10 years of probation after his eventual release from prison.

Authorities indicated that police seized the BMW that the suspect used to drive the girl across state lines. In addition to being sentenced to prison, the suspect was also required to forfeit the motor vehicle.

For additional information about this case, read the article entitled “Bergen County Man Gets 8 Years in Prison for Sex with Minor, Report Says.”


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