Three Suspects Arrested for Credit Card Fraud at Walgreens in Waldwick, New Jersey

Waldwick New Jersey Theft LawyersPolice in Waldwick New Jersey arrested three people accused of committing credit card fraud at a local Walgreens.

Waldwick police received a call about a stolen credit card being used at the Walgreens drug store on Crescent Avenue. The call came from the victim in Mississippi. She learned about the fraudulent activity because her credit card company notified her.

When police officers got to the drug store, they saw the three suspects. Officers spoke with the suspects and learned that two of them had allegedly just purchased an Apple gift card worth $125.

During a subsequent search of the suspects, police allegedly found the suspects in possession of more than 125 stolen credit cards. The credits cards reportedly belong to cardholders across the country.

Police seized the credit cards and placed the suspects under arrest.

Two of the suspects were charged with theft of movable property, credit card fraud, and wrongful impersonation. The third suspect was charged with credit card fraud and wrongful impersonation. According to officials, the third suspect was waiting outside the Walgreens drug store while the other suspects purchased the gift card.

The two suspects charged with the most serious offense were taken to the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack NJ, where they were being held in lieu of $50,000 bail amounts. Meanwhile, the third suspect was released from custody after he posted $50,000 bail.

For additional information about this case, go to the article entitled “Trio in Waldwick Allegedly Had 125 Credit Cards, Report Says.”


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