Shoplifting Incidents Escalate to Violent Assaults of Store Clerks in Englewood, New Jersey

Police in Englewood New Jersey are looking for men suspected of committing two violent assaults of local store clerks.

According to authorities, both assaults stemmed from minor shoplifting incidents.

The first incident occurred at a Mobil gas station on Route 4 in Englewood, NJ. Two vehicles filled with people pulled into to the gas station. According to police, the people in the cars were coming from a late-night party in Englewood. It is believed that the suspect are from the Bronx, NY.

Four males exited the vehicles and walked into the service station’s shop. The store manager reportedly saw the men steal items a number of items, including candy, cigarettes, and lighters.

When the suspects saw the store manager writing down the car license plate numbers, they allegedly got upset and assaulted him. The victim suffered numerous cuts and bruises as a result of the attack

The second attack occurred at the 7-Eleven on Tenafly Road in Englewood. The store clerk reportedly saw multiple people shoplift items and quickly run out of the store.

When one of the shoplifters returned to the store an hour later, the clerk confronted him. This allegedly prompted the suspect to respond violently and attack the clerk. Several other people who were in cars in the parking lot then joined the beating.

The clerk suffered head injuries as a result of the attack.

Police do not believe that the two attacks are related.

The Englewood Police Department is currently investigating both incidents. Police recently released images of the suspects which were taken by store surveillance cameras.

If police are eventually able to identify and locate the suspects, they would probably be charged with aggravated assault, shoplifting, and theft of movable property.

Englewood police are asking that anyone who has information about the suspects or the alleged assaults please contact the department’s confidential tip line at 201-568-4875.

For more information about this case, check out the article entitled “Englewood Store Clerks Beaten in Separate Attacks, Police Say.”


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