Glen Rock New Jersey Police Searching for Suspect in Armed Robbery of Local Bank

Glen Rock New Jersey detectives are looking for a woman who allegedly robbed a local bank.

According to police, a woman wearing a cherry-red wig entered the Glen Rock Savings Bank on Lincoln Avenue and stole more than $100K.

While demanding money, the suspect held a large handgun in the face of a bank teller.

After the theft, police officers canvassed the area while searching the suspect. A K-9 unit managed to trace the robber’s scent to a parking lot on Rodney Street. However, the suspect had already fled the scene in a getaway car.

The suspect reportedly got rid of the wig and the handgun while escaping.

The good news is that no bank employees or customers were injuring during the robbery.

Bank employees were able to provide Glen Rock NJ police with a description of the suspect. The suspect stands approximately 5-foot-7 tall and weighs around 100 pounds. In addition to wearing the wig, the suspect reportedly had oversized black sunglasses, a black coat, black gloves, and white leather boots. She was also carrying a large purse.

Investigators recently caught a break in the case when they heard from Connecticut police. Apparently, there might be a connection between the Glen Rock bank robbery and another bank robbery which was committed in Connecticut a month earlier.

According to officials, the two robberies were very similar. The woman who robbed the Greenwich Bank and Trust Company in Connecticut also wore a red wig and brandished a long-barreled handgun.

The Glen Rock Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect. Anyone who has information about the suspect or the theft should get in touch with detectives at 201-670-3948 or 201-670-3947.

For further information about this case, see the article entitled “Wig-Wearing Bank Robber May Be Linked to Connecticut Heist, Report Says.”


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