Teaneck NJ Police Searching for Suspect Accused of Robbing Exxon Station

Teaneck NJ police are searching for a man accused of committing an armed robbery at a local gas station.

According to authorities, the suspect walked into the Exxon Station located on 228 Teaneck Road in Teaneck, New Jersey. The suspect then allegedly approached a gas station employee and flashed a large kitchen knife.

The suspect allegedly demanded that the station employee hand over money. When the employee gave the suspect roughly $160 in cash, the suspect allegedly exited the station and fled the scene on foot. The suspect was later scene running westbound on Fort Lee Road.

Teaneck NJ police officers were notified of the incident. Officers arrived at the scene a short time later. Members of the Bergen County Bergen County Police K-9 Unit searched the area, but they were not able to find the suspect.

Teaneck police officers spoke with gas station employees and obtained a description of the suspect. The suspect was described as a heavyset male who is in his 40s and balding. Witnesses said that the suspect wore a black sweatshirt with letters on the chest and the left arm. The suspect also reportedly covered his face with an orange bandana or scarf.

Investigators were able to obtain images of the suspect from a gas station security camera. The surveillance footage allegedly shows the suspect at the station when the theft occurred.

If police are eventually able to identify and capture the suspect, he could be subject to significant penalties. As set forth by N.J.S.A. 2C:15-1, robbery is a first degree felony when the offender uses a deadly weapon such as a knife or a handgun. A conviction for first degree armed robbery could lead to a sentence of 10–20 years in NJ State Prison.

Teaneck police are asking for help from the public to identify the suspect. Anyone who has information about the suspect or the alleged robbery should get in touch with Teaneck investigators at 201-837-2600. People with information to share can also call the Tri-Community Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at 201-488-4222.

For additional information about this case, see the NJ.com article entitled “Knife-Wielding Bandit Sought in Teaneck Gas Station Holdup.”


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