“Sopranos” Strip Club in Lodi NJ Hit by Robbers Again, Police Search for Burglary Suspects

Sopranos Strip Club Burglary in Lodi NJPolice in Lodi NJ are searching for suspects after a local strip club featured on “The Sopranos” was hit by burglars.

According to authorities, burglars targeted the Satin Dolls strip club on Route 17 in Lodi, New Jersey. The strip club was featured prominently for location shots of Tony Soprano’s fictional Bada Bing Club on the HBO show “The Sopranos.”

The burglary attempt is actually the second time that the club has been targeted by robbers in the past two weeks. Roughly two weeks ago, two men with shotguns walked into the club and got away with approximately $30,000.

While the previously reported robbery occurred while customers were still present at the club, the most recent incident took place after operating hours.

According to police, someone smashed a glass door at the front of the club, then tried to pry open the door to an office inside the club. Authorities believe that the suspect was attempting to access the club’s safe.

The burglary attempt was eventually discovered by a cleaning crew.

Lodi police are currently investigating the incident. Investigators do not yet know if the burglary attempt and the previous robbery are related.

Lodi NJ police have asked that anyone with information about the reported burglary attempt please get in touch with detectives at 973-473-7600.

To learn more, see the NJ.com article entitled “‘Sopranos’ Strip Club Burglarized Nearly 2 Weeks After Holdup, Police Say.”


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