More Arrests in Connection with Alleged Sexual Assault at Ramapo College in Mahwah, NJ

Mahwah NJ police recently arrested three more Ramapo College students who were allegedly connected to an on-campus sexual assault case.

Two students were already in police custody after being arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault. Additionally, one of the accused attackers was charged with criminal restraint.

The other accused attacker has also been charged with criminal sexual contact for an unrelated incident which reportedly involved inappropriate touching of a female student.

According to authorities, the sexual assault happened on the Mahwah NJ campus sometime after a fraternity party. The victim reportedly had sex with the two main suspects while she was drunk and unable to offer consent.

Police said that the victim later woke up disoriented and in a “state of undress.” She then went to a nearby hospital; employees at the hospital notified Mahwah police.

The three other suspects are accused of aided or encouraging the attack by taking photos of the victim. According to the Ramapo College president, the suspects were charged in the case because they allegedly failed to render aid or offer assistance to the victim at any point during the assault.

The three suspects were charged with endangering an injured victim. Additionally, two of the suspects have also been charged with invasion of privacy.

After being arrested and charged, the three suspects were released on their own recognizance. They all have pending court dates in Mahwah Municipal Court.

The two main suspects in the sexual assault case were taken to the Bergen County Jail on $300,000 bail amounts.

While the sex assault case is pending, all of the suspects have been suspended from Ramapo College.

For additional information, view the article entitled “3 More Ramapo College Students Charged in Campus Sex Assault, Prosecutor Says.”


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