Drug Possession Charges Dismissed in Bergen County

Bergenfield NJ Simple Possession of Marijuana Lawyer

In a great victory for the Tormey Law Firm, a client charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia recently had his charges dismissed. The client was charged after police observed him sleeping in his vehicle. They woke him up and began asking him questions, finally getting consent search his vehicle. During the search, police discovered several small bags of marijuana, a small bag of cocaine, and a pipe.

Under normal circumstances, this client would have been a perfect candidate for New Jersey’s Conditional Discharge program, which allows first-time offenders an opportunity to have their charges dismissed following successful completion of the program. However, due to a previous incident, our client did not qualify for that program. In this case, the only options were to fight the charges, plead guilty to an offense, or get the charges dismissed.

After a careful analysis of the facts of the case, the relative weakness of the State’s case, and the strength of its cases against several co-defendants, the Tormey Law Firm was able to successfully negotiate dismissal of our client’s charges in their entirety. This allowed our client to maintain his clean criminal record and avoid having a criminal conviction.

If convicted of the charges he was facing, our client could have been facing up to six months in jail, substantial fines, surcharges, and other penalties totaling more than $1,500 on each count. Additionally, he would have faced a mandatory suspension of his driver’s license for a period of six months to two years. In this case, that parade of horribles has been avoided by dismissal of all charges against our client.

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