Bergenfield Campaign Sign Thief Caught On Camera

Campaign Sign ThiefBergenfield: What appears to be an attempt to remove a campaign sign was caught on video at a Bergenfield resident’s home last Thursday. In the video, a man crawls on all fours then attempts to remove the sign from a yard. He finally gives up and walks away, apparently as a result of the homeowner coming outside.

Democratic town council members claim to know the identity of the alleged sign thief. The homeowner has filed trespassing (2C:18-3) and attempted theft (2C:20-3) complaints with the Bergenfield Police.

If convicted, the alleged thief could face up to 6 months in jail on each charge and substantial financial penalties and surcharges. These and similar charges carry significant penalties. If you or anyone you know faces these or other charges, do not delay in hiring skilled legal representation immediately. It’s never too early to start protecting your rights and freedom.

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For more information, access the following article: Bergenfield campaign sign thief caught on camera


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