Ridgewood NJ Man Crashes Car, Allegedly Has Heroin and Synthetic Marijuana in Vehicle

By Travis Tormey posted in Drug Charges on Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Ridgewood NJ man was arrested after allegedly crashing his car into a tree.

Ridgewood police arrested 25-year-old Nicholas Demetro after a car accident. Police say that Mr. Demetro’s vehicle jumped into the opposite lane and slammed into a tree on Fairfield Avenue.

According to police, authorities later searched the vehicle and found a substance believed to be synthetic marijuana. Police also say that they recovered from Mr. Demetro’s vehicle other substances, including heroin and hypodermic needles.

After the accident, Mr. Demetro was taken to Hackensack University Medical Center with unspecified injuries.

In New Jersey, possession of heroin is governed under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10. As set forth by the statute, possession of just a small amount of heroin can be classified as a third degree felony. If Mr. Demetro is convicted of third degree heroin possession, he could face up to five (5) years in NJ State Prison.

Earlier this year, Mr. Demetro was arrested for allegedly stealing $400 from a breast cancer donation jar at a Wood-Ridge pizzeria.

For more information, check out the NJ.com article entitled “Ridgewood Man Who Struck Tree Had Heroin, Synthetic Weed in Car, Cops Say.


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