Fort Lee Police Crack Down on Jaywalking, Vehicles that Fail to Yield to Pedestrians

By Travis Tormey posted in Traffic Offenses on Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fort Lee Traffic Tickets Lawyer NJFort Lee police are writing a number of jaywalking tickets and traffic summonses for failure to yield to a pedestrian after a number of accidents, one of them fatal, in the downtown area in recent weeks. A dozen pedestrians have been hit in Fort Lee in 2013 alone including a 65-year-old man who was struck and killed walking the streets in January. A 58-year-old Fort Lee woman was charged with careless driving but, according to reports, she was not driving recklessly or under the influence. The mayor of Fort Lee acknowledges that it is not always cut and dry: Sometimes it’s the driver’s fault and other times it’s the pedestrian’s fault.

According to the article, “Police Chief Keith Bendul and his department are launching an awareness campaign, “Be Seen, Be Safe,” and distributing fliers and safety devices at high-traffic intersections. They were on the corner of Palisade Ave. and Horizon Rd. Thursday, where pedestrians can frequently be seen darting into traffic to catch a departing NJ Transit bus.”

Traffic is a major concern for the more than 35,000 residents packed into three square miles. But officials say a large part of the problem comes from outside their borders, since the borough is the gateway to New York City for so many North Jerseyans. We’ll see if this new policy lowers the number of accidents in the Fort Lee area. We can only hope.


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